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Asking Questions: Pigeonholing and Sidetracking

The world can be a scary place. There are all sorts of people and beliefs out there, some big, bold and brazy.

The other day I was thinking about the fact that it is very easy to boil faith down to some more dominant issues or beliefs, dismissing the fact that Christianity is more than a handful of issues. It is so easy to determine someone's faith or more accurately make assumptions about their faith, based on a their view of a handful of issues we consider key or pertinent.

For example, we meet someone for the first time and spend a day with them. We observe them pray over their meal, boldly declare their Christian faith and vehemently denounce homosexuality. As a result of this, we conclude they are a proud, practicing Christian. In a similar vein, I thought about how in America, many Christians align with the Republican party because they do not support abortion or gay rights. I do not want to open that can of worms, the point I considered is that are that those are only 2 of many, many issues, some of which others may say conflict with Christian beliefs.

Viewing a person, like a party, from a limited lens of select topics cannot be accurate. Thinking about the above, made me think about the fact that it sometimes feels like the conversations that dominate Christianity today is the 'infiltration' of the LGBTQ+ community into society, whether through entertainment or other means, but particularly in the education of children. I strongly believe that Christianity is more than that this one issue.

I subconsciously decided that I will no longer discuss single topics as if they are the cradle of Christianity, Christ is and that's who I want to focus on - his teachings, his life, the word of God. Not a single topic or worse the devil, for Christ never responded to anything the devil did, why should I? The last time man responded to the devil, we live in the reality of how that ended. That is not to say that those single issues aren't important - because they are, and increasingly so as society shifts - but they are not the basis of the faith. I believe that our energy shouldn't be dedicated solely or even primarily to fighting opposing views or teachings, but to equip and deploy. For example, if we as Christians produce content that can compete with mainstream content, not necessarily Christian content, but content with Christian values, that is just as effective. If we study the Bible with the Holy Spirit and learn a lot, helping more people read and understand the Bible will be far more beneficial in perputuating the values. If we put our energy into awakening Lukewarm Christians, that's a revolution and a revival waiting to happen.

It's delusional I believe to take the person that an individual presents at face value and think we know a person. For example: thinking a Bible verse in a person's bio makes them a Christian, or because a person doesn't or hasn't spoken about Christ they are not. There is no such thing as a perfect Christian. We're all on a journey - to light. The hope really, is that as we conquer each phase of the journey, we look back on where we were and laugh because 'I really thought I had it altogether in that phase' when with a little more knowledge, wisdom and time with the Holy Spirit, we grew even more. My hope is that we all never stop learning and growing. It's why I qualify what I say. I expect to change my mind when I grow, particularly for someone that recognises she is in the baby stage of Christianity.

All that to say what? I hope to not be sidetracked by single issues, but more holistically pursue being a Christian and embodying what that means. Yes that includes aligning with pro or against certain issues, but that also means no lying, never cheating, being kind, consuming what is good and holy amongst other things. That is the Christian I want to be, not the one that just aligns on key issues and fights vehemently for them while having little else show for Christian activism. I really hope broadly, as a body, we fight vehemently for whole issues, so we don't lose great pieces of our body, to issues that are not considered key.

Until next time, keep us a secret. x

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