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Bible Season: Lessons Learned I

After 6 months of consistently studying the word - on the path to making it a lifestyle - I recently reflected on what I have learnt so far. Some of the lessons might seem obvious but evidently I had to learn them myself. I have no doubt that I have so much more to learn, but here are a few reminders for when needed.

1. Studying and reading are different. Reading the words on a page is different from understanding them, memorising the words and connecting dots. I've only scratched the surface, but I have noticed how connecting dots across books, chapters or verses builds a better bigger and helps understanding.

2. Additional resources: The Bible is vast with 66 books and 1,189 chapters. Some are easier than others to read, even with the many available translations. Additional resources like maps or commentaries or plain ol'google also help give context to some of the events and help make the words come to life.

3. The streak is my ego. The Bible App is amazing but I have found that the app streak is a distraction for me. I may or may not have adjusted the time on my phone to avoid breaking my streak when I read after midnight. That's how I realised that I was more interested in keeping the streak than actually learn something. Ticking a box shouldn't be the goal.

4. Little is better than nothing. I'm not always in the mood, and sometimes the verse of the day is all I can manage and that's fine.

5. Nothing is also fine. There are days I am reading the words on the page but retaining nothing. I do not have to read the Bible daily or first thing in the morning, I have nothing to prove to Abba. He has already chosen me, forgiven me and sent his son to die for me.

6. Often, I have to run it back. Once is just not enough to read a book. As I re-read chapters and see my notes from previous studies, I am sometimes shocked by what I wrote, sometimes because my takeaway in the current read is different from what I wrote previously and other times because I can't believe obvious things that I missed in earlier reads.

7. The Holy Spirit is non-negotiable. The spirit of the author is necessary to read and understand his word. The spirit within me is talking to me directly, tailoring my takeaways to me and what Abba wants to say to me.

Until the next post, keep us a secret x

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