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Playing with fire: Sin

"When desire has conceived it gives birth to sin,

and sin when it is full grown, brings forth death" James 1: 15

I sin. The obvious sins, the small sins, the stupid sins, the unnecessary sins, I do them all. Unnecessary sins like my "do me, I do" you approach. There is something deep in my spirit that feels the need to match many people's energy and it's unnecessary because that's not what Jesus taught.

Occasionally, I go down the path of stupid sins. Stupid because they are not needed. They add nothing to my life other than showing me that I sin, just because I can.

It's currently 7:43am on a summer Monday morning. I joined a 6:30am prayer meeting, got ready for work and sat down to write this post because I had a dream which showed me exactly what choosing sin does.

1. Letting the devil in.

The dream started off with me sitting on the couch in the living room. The bell went off, I walked to the door, checked the peep hole saw a strange man and proceeded to open the door. So many questions. Why did I let a strange man into my space without enquiring? Why was I shocked when he barged in? Why was I even more shocked when I realised I had just let a murderer (or at the very minimum someone who was out to harm me) into my home? I realise now that by choosing sin, big or small, I make a choice to let the devil into my home, my life and my heart.

The devil doesn't barge in. For such a deceitful creature the devil is respectful. The inbuilt voice of God, the Holy Spirit, conscience in this context tell us when the devil begins to lurk, especially if we have invested in a relationship with the Holy Spirit. As a result, generally when I'm about to do something that is less than pleasing to the Lord, I know, yet I let him in.

2. His only intention is harm.

A man that looked fairly normal, entered my home aggressively and began to show his intent. The tools for destruction he brought with him made it clear what he planned to do. Inviting the devil in, though sin brings nothing good. At best momentary satisfaction, but that is often followed by feelings of regret or shame. I know when I should stop eating. I know I am full but because I love food and am not satisfied until I finish whatever I am eating, I keep going. As I enjoy the item I am happy. But that feeling that comes after when I am extremely uncomfortable, and look forward to the food digesting, not so much. As he prepared his tools, I began to desperately try to escape the flat.

3. Nobody can save me but me.

I recall vividly finally making it outside, screaming for help but nobody seemed bothered to my dismay. I tried to hide behind a man I saw but his facial response was disgust instead of the empathy or pity I expected. When I woke up, the Holy Spirit revealed to me why. I got myself into trouble by choosing the path that did not honour God but didn't want to face the consequences. Fair enough. The thing is when I screamed for help, there were people around to hear me, it was just too late for them to help me because I already chose my path. I let the devil into my home, my life and heart all by myself.

4. There is always help around.

Whatever your weakness is, there are ways to curb it. My Pastor talks about how he never travels anywhere without a companion if he's wife doesn't accompany him. He does that to put parameters in place to protect himself from infidelity. As someone who is fairly young, good looking and a great dresser with money to spend, it shouldn't be difficult to attract women. Maybe he knows that's his weakness. So he has measures in place to protect himself, to ensure he doesn't blow up his life. We also have options. Sticking with the home analogy, whether it is to add a chain to the door to make it that much more difficult to get in, get a room mater, hire a bodyguard, there are measure we can all take to make it easier to protect ourselves from letting darkness in.

"Sin is a dethroned monarch; so you must no longer give it an opportunity to rule over your life, controlling how you live and competing you to bey its desires and cravings... refuse to answer its call to surrender your body as a tool for wickedness. Instead pationately answer God's call to keep yielding your body to him as one who has now experienced resurrection life". Romans 6:12-14

Until next time, keep us a secret. x

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