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Recap: Acts of the Apostles I

Updated: Jul 28, 2023

The first time I read the Book of Acts, honestly, I read the words but didn't take much away. I had just completed a class where it was spoken highly of, so I went in expectant and came out underwhelmed, to be completely honest. That taught me a few lessons that I explored in my last post. Having re-read it, I understand a lot more now, why it was spoken highly of. In summary, the book is about the works of the apostles immediately Jesus died, how they divided and conquered to spread the gospel and the many many challenges they faced.

In Kingdom activities, perspective is important and the right one make challenges easier.

Agabus warned Paul (21:11) that he will be tied and handed over to unbelievers. His response was "why do you insist on making a scene and making it even harder for me? You’re looking at this backward. The issue in Jerusalem is not what they do to me, whether arrest or murder, but what the Master Jesus does through my obedience. Can’t you see that?” I like the fact that Paul recognised that the task at hand was difficult, it validates my feelings. However, he showed me that the most important thing is obedience. Obedience, obedience, obedience, that is my role. The task at hand, how it will happen, how I will manage, how God's glory will come from it, especially when I can't see it, none of that is my business. Obedience to the instruction he had been given (20:22-24) was his only concern.

As a believer, I have authority of the father and I am an extension of him.

In John 14:17 Jesus tells the apostles that the Holy Spirit is with them and will never leave them. In Acts 5, Jesus told the apostles not to leave Jerusalem until they are baptised in the Holy spirit. Verse 8 (NLT) tells me it was because they needed to "receive power from the Holy Spirit, to be his witnesses the end of the earth". I may not be God the father, but Jesus made me his delegate through the power of the Holy Spirit. Anything Jesus did, I can therefore do because after he received the Holy Spirit was when he did the great things he did, healed the sick, raised the dead etc (Acts 10:37-38). The Holy Spirit is available to everyone, so I can do the things Jesus did.

My assignment with the help of the Holy Spirit is to be a witness to the ends of the earths (Acts 1:8)

This was an important reminder for me as someone who is very reserved, especially on matters of faith as I believe it's a personal and maybe even private journey. However, witnessing is my assignment on earth. Everything I do - who I am as a human being, how I do things, how I approach people, all of it should point towards spreading the gospel as an Ambassador of Christ.

I have the mind of Christ but I am a human being with limitations.

As I read through Acts, Saul's and Paul's stories, especially the suffering Paul went through, it occurred to me that what I see as bad could be for the glory of God, which honestly seems off. However, when I considered that the fact that Paul's experience made sense because I knew what came out of it (the new testament, let alone the ground he covered preaching the gospel) it made sense. If he didnt go through all he did, we wont have the new testament, the gospel wouldn't have spread with the people he trained along the way, just to name two things. There was a reason God told him that Jerusalem was his next mission. God already knew.

God is always there, even in the midst of hardship.

While travelling (27), Paul and his travel companions hit a strong wind/storm that shook them up. In v 23 he shares with all that the angel assured him that he will stand before Caesar and everyone will be okay. Why didn't God just bypass the wind, and let them have smooth sailings? He could have stilled the storm (or skipped it) why did they have to go through that? This i'm not sure of yet, but it does assure me that God is there.

God is not a soft God. He is a good, good father yes, but he is not a soft God.

He is the same God of the Old testament that put Noah, his family and animal delegates in an Ark and sent a great flood. He is the same God that put the Israelites through so much in the hands of Pharoah's hardened heart (read Exodus), so why was I shocked by the fact that Acts 12:23 said "that was the last straw. God had had enough of Herod’s arrogance and sent an angel to strike him down".

When Paul shared his story in chapter 22, he recounted his first encounter with Jesus. He said he heard a voice. "My companions saw the light but they didn't hear the voice". Another translation says they didn't understand. This tells me that when God speaks, it may just be for me. For someone who sometimes (maybe even often) seeks others opinions, this reminded me that God's voice is for me. God won't confirm through others what he hasn't already told me. However, he could tell me something that is just for me. Discernment is important, knowing when to share or speak. Sometimes, as this encounter shows, some things are for me only.

Until next time, keep us a secret x

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