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Bible Season: The Pilot

Updated: Jul 26, 2023

The conviction to document my faith journey has been on my heart for some time.

Even before I came to Christ, I felt led to write about my journey with faith - for myself - so I could refresh my memory on why it was important for me to do good and stay on the path of righteousness. I eventually stopped, yet here I am again.

Recently the Holy Spirit has been prompting me to begin writing again, this time for myself as well as others. Particularly for the person on a similar journey to knowing God, his word and living a life that glorifies him (1Corn 10:31). I also think, because God knows me well, having to document my journey will elevate how I approach things and ultimately benefit me. My pastor once said "Discipline becomes Desire" and I'm totally here for getting to my destination any how the Lord sees fit. If I get to make life easier for others, all the better.

So we know the season I am in - because I think that's important, let's start with where I am.

Since I became born again about 5 years ago (crazy!!), I have been on a journey to learning who Christ is and learning what it means to be a believer. I gave my life to Christ after reading the New Testament in its entirety after being a straddler for years. I was so engrossed in what I was reading. I was reading the bible properly for the first time and I was captivated.

Since then, I hadn't really gone back to study what I had read and soon forget a lot of what I had learnt. I of course tried several times to complete the Bible in a year but have always failed until now. The difference this time is that I understand my why. Previously I wanted to study the Bible to be able to quote scripture, so I have biblical backing in discussions, so that when people ask about a verse or speak about a Bible character, I have that knowledge. Ultimately none of those could get me to commit to studying the Bible because they really weren't substantive reasons.

When I got to a place where I realised that I needed to know God, his character and what he wants from me, for me, it became easy.

The Bible is the living word of God

The Bible is what tells me about my actual saviour

The Bible tells me who God is

The Bible tells me what God expects from me

The words of the Bible will keep me out of trouble

The words of the Bible will tell me which way to go

The words of the Bible will pray for me when I dont have the words

The words of the Bible will help me find my feet

The words of the Bible will give me encouragement

The words of the Bible will get me through hardship

The more I dig, the more I know, the more I want to know and the more there is to learn. That is my why.

Despite my best efforts though, I allow my flesh win more than I would like. I know that God didn't intend for me to do anything on earth myself because Christ left the Holy Spirit to be a helper. I just need to tap into that resource.

The discovery is a process, I'm learning and will no doubt learn a lot. It's a journey. I trust God to partner with me until I get here and pray for enlightenment from the Holy Spirit.

Until the next post, keep us a secret. x

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